Potato Bombs!

Potato Bombs!

These Tater Bombs are the BOMB! It’s like taters gone wild! You’ll have a hard time eating taters the old fashioned way ever again.

Using a apple corer (or something like that) remove the center core of the potato. Save the core. Now, Stuff the potato with your favorite meat, cheese or whatever you want. (I used Porchetta and asiago cheese with some Chik Bait seasoning) Now plug’em, if you have room. That means, Put the core back in the ends if they will fit. Now bake, smoke or grill (indirect heat) them for about an hour. I smoked these ones on 225 for about 1.5 hours unwrapped.

Potato bomb

You can do these how ever you want. I have wrapped them in bacon and put them in foil.


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