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NBBQA “Award of Excellence” Winner 2015

NBBQA “Award of Excellence” Winner 2015

My 3 kids! Macy 8, Morgan 6 & Montgomery (Mojo) 3.

My 3 kids! Macy 8, Morgan 6 & Montgomery (Mojo) 3.


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I Michael J. King created Swimmin’ in Smoke®, LLC in 2010 because I love to cook, grill and BBQ! What’s the difference between grilling and BBQ you ask? Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgWa3RgxdwQ

A long time ago I created an all-purpose rub for my grill. I didn’t like carrying all the spices out to the grill with me. I was even made fun of for shaking on so many different spices on my food. That inspired me to create an all-purpose rub. A rub that had everything you need in it in ONE shaker. I now call it Chik Bait®! It is perfect on chicken.

Then I started competing in professional competition barbecue. I went to several BBQ supply stores and spent a lot of money on different rubs and seasonings. I realized that I couldn’t find any rubs that I really liked. After competing for almost 2 years and coming in at the bottom of the pack. I told everyone about my own rub that I created many years ago. They all told me, don’t reinvent the wheel. I didn’t listen!

I perfected my rub for chicken and also came up with a rub for the other 3 meats in competition BBQ. I now have my own rub for all 4 meats, Chicken – Chik Bait®, Pork Ribs – Radical Rib®, Pork Butt/Shoulder – Booty Shake™ & Beef Brisket – Boo Yah Beef™ and Cattle Call™. I use my own rubs in the competitions and have received numerous awards for my BBQ.

Including, 2013 

  • Arizona Triple Crown of BBQ Overall Team of the Year, 
  • Arizona Triple Crown of BBQ Overall Ribs Category
  • Arizona BCS (Barbeque Championship Series) Team of The Year!

2015 has started off great with 2 awards from The National Barbecue Association!

NBBQA Recognizes Locally Made Hot Chik Bait and Hot Radical Rib as “Award of Excellence” Winners

Swimmin’ in Smoke takes home high honors at NBBQA national conference

March 9, 2015 — The National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) announced today that local products, Hot Chik Bait and Hot Radical Rib were among the top winners in this year’s Awards of Excellence competition. Hot Chik Bait earned a 4th place in the Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – Southwest category and Hot Radical Rib earned a 1st place in the Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – Caribbean/Jerk & Mediterranean/Herb category. The award was announced at the organization’s annual conference held March 4-7 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The annual competition recognizes the very best barbecue products in a number of industry categories, and the winners were selected from among 450 total submissions.

“BBQ enthusiasts from all over the country come here to measure their products against their peers,” said Roy Slicker, association president. “It’s a competitive field with top-notch products, and a NBBQA Award of Excellence medal is quickly becoming one of the most coveted awards in the food service industry.”


I now have a line of 12 rubs!

Chik Bait®, Hot Chik Bait® & Salt Free Chik Bait®

Radical Rib® & Hot Radical Rib®

Booty Shake™ & Hot Booty Shake™

Boo Yah Beef™ & Hot Boo Yah Beef™

Fish Bait™ & Hot Fish Bait™

Cattle Call™ (a coarser seasoning for any red meat)


All of my rubs are made with passion and from the heart.

I know I will never stop creating…so be on the look out for new seasonings!



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