Degree of Doneness for BEEF

Cooking times and temperatures vary with the method of preparation used, the size and shape of the Beef cut and the desired degree of doneness.

To ensure food safety in cooking hamburgers, a temperature of 160° F is recommended, or until the middle is no longer pink and the juices run clear.

Very Rare

125–130 °F


130-135 °F

Medium Rare

135–140 °F


140–150 °F


150–160 °F

Very Well Done

160+ °

Test roasts for doneness using a meat thermometer placed so the tip is in the center of the roast, not touching bone or resting in fat. Remove the meat from the oven when the thermometer registers 5-10° F lower than the desired doneness, as the temperature will rise after it comes out of the oven. A quick-read thermometer can also be used in roasts and is often used in testing steaks for doneness.
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